Academic Grievance Policy

Academic Grievances and Complaints

Students are free to speak with professors to express concerns about final grades. If a student does not feel his or her professor has resolved the issue satisfactorily, he or she may express in writing a grievance or complaint to the dean. (If the complaint is against his or her dean, the student may appeal directly to the President, as described below.)

Submitting an Inquiry/Complaint to the Office of the President

When the Office of the President receives a formal letter of inquiry/complaint, the president will convene the Administrative Hearing Committee to consider the inquiry/complaint. The Administrative Hearing Committee will conduct an appropriate investigation and will render a written explanation/decision within 30 days of the filing of the inquiry/complaint to both the student who made the complaint and the dean. The office of the vice president will keep a record of all student complaints and documentation of how they were handled. The decision of the president is final.