Institutional Objectives

Our institutional objectives further describe the scope of our distance education programs:

  1. Provide quality distance education programs for graduate students in the Christian Humanities from an Orthodox Christian perspective.
  2. Provide credentialed faculty members who have experience in teaching and in ministry-related areas. Our goal is that at least 50 percent of our faculty have doctorates in a field relevant to the courses they teach. Of those who do not have a doctorate, at least 50 percent will have more than one master’s degree, with training in fields relevant to the courses they teach; the remaining third may have only one master’s, but with exceptional expertise for the course they teach.
  3. Provide adequate administrative staff to facilitate direction and coordination of student services, faculty development, financial accountability, and technological support.
  4. Provide structured graduate-level programs in a semester-long format that is readily accessible in a flexible manner through technologically sound, cost-effective educational systems. Our goal is that we offer two master’s degrees; accessibility will be demonstrated by at least 20 enrollments per year.
  5. Provide holistic Orthodox Christian education through online courses by means of directed readings, online lectures, written assignments, practical application experiences, examinations, and interaction with peers and professors.
  6. Provide a curriculum that enables students to meet personal goals in higher education, from taking courses of their choice in the Master’s Level Continuing Education Courses, to a master’s degree program.
  7. Provide effective interactions between students and faculty, as measured by at least a 90 percent positive rating on our end-of semester survey. All student complaints will be investigated by the Dean of Faculty within 14 days.