Academic Progress Policy

Agora offers several programs. Students may proceed step-by-step from one program to another, toward one of the degrees:

  1. Master of Theology – (All MTh courses have to be taken in order)
  2. Master of Theological Studies – 6 Courses


Since all coursework for a master of Theology degree must be completed within six years, and 13 courses are required, students who want to obtain a degree should plan on taking at least three courses per year. Since a GPA of 2.5 is required for graduation, you should aim for a grade of B- or better in all of your classes. Most courses require you to log in to the website at least once or twice a week, either to participate in a forum or to submit a written assignment. Failure to do so may hurt your grade; see the respective courses for their policies on forum participation.


A student will be given an Incomplete grade when all the following conditions apply:

  1. whenever required course work is missing,
  2. when that missing work would result in the student receiving a lower final grade and
  3. when the student has formally requested an extension, and paid the extension fee.

In all other instances, a regular letter grade is given with the missing work counted as “zero” or “fail.” If the extension is granted, all missing course work must be made up in consultation with the instructor within three weeks after the final paper was due, unless otherwise arranged. In cases of health or other personal difficulties, a grade of W may also be given. Students cannot register for more courses if they have an incomplete.


Courses may be dropped any time prior to the due date of the final examination or paper. These requests should be conveyed in writing to the Registrar and the instructor(s).

If a student drops a course before the seventh week, a grade of W will be assigned whether or not the student is passing. If the withdrawal is initiated after materials have been posted for the seventh week of the semester, a mark of W for Withdrawal will be assigned if the instructor informs the Registrar that the student had a passing grade at the date of the official withdrawal. A mark of F will be assigned if 1) the student is failing at the time of withdrawal and 2) the student withdraws after the seventh lecture is posted.

Agora University certifies that students who cancel after paying in full, but are not eligible for a refund, receive all materials, kits, and equipment, as applicable


We do not allow students to take an examination again. We do allow students to take a course again (if they pay the tuition again), and only the highest grade is then counted in the GPA.


If health or other unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for you to continue your studies for six months or more, please contact the Registrar for a leave of absence. There is no charge for this, and it will extend the length of time you have to complete your degree. The granting of a leave of absence indicates a continuing relationship with the College and allows students to resume studies at a specific time without reapplying for admission to the College. A leave of absence generally does not exceed four semesters in length.


Although a GPA of at least 2.5 is required for the degree, students are not put on academic probation unless their GPA falls below 2.5. Academic probation serves as a warning that a student is in danger of academic disqualification. A student who has not achieved both a term and cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (C) or higher at the close of a semester will be placed on academic probation. The student will be notified of this probationary status.


A student becomes academically disqualified and may not continue enrollment under any of the following conditions:

  1. A student fails in six or more hours of coursework in any given year.
  2. A student on academic probation fails to achieve both a term and cumulative grade point average of (C) or higher.

The student will be notified within one week of any disqualification. The President and Dean may waive academic disqualification if individual circumstances warrant such action.


A student who becomes disqualified may appeal the disqualification by filing an appeal at the Registrar’s Office within two weeks of the date of notification of disqualification. After the appeal has been considered by the President and Dean, the Registrar will notify the student of the decision. Once this decision has been made, no further appeal is allowed.

Disqualified students are not eligible for readmission until at least three semesters have elapsed. If readmitted, the student will be on academic probation and will be expected to satisfy the requirements for removal from probation by the end of the term.