The Alexandria School Journal

Agora University publishes the Alexandria School Journal, an Orthodox Christian Academic Journal once a year in the Fall. Articles submitted to the Journal must adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style.

2019 Call for Papers

In continuation with Agora University’s 2019 Patristic Symposium, the sixth volume of the Alexandria School Journal will focus on the relational context of the unseen reality and its visible manifestation.

We invite scholars, theologians, and students to submit paper proposals that engage Orthodox theological topics in all its aspects whether spiritual, biblical, liturgical, historical, linguistic, patristic, dogmatic, and practical. Proposals must artfully engage the mystical focus by discussing where the visible and invisible meet, where humanity meets and interacts with the divine, and when the divine tabernacles among humanity (John 1: 14).

Abstracts of no more than 200 words are to be sent to before November 25th, 2019. Accepted papers must be approximately 3500-5000 words in length and adhere to the Chicago manual of style. Final papers must be submitted by December 25th, 2019. Volume 6 of the Alexandria School Journal will be printed in January 2020.