Certificate in Coptic Studies

Holy Transfiguration College is pleased to announce its newest certificate program in Coptic Studies, launching in May 2018. This one-year program consists of three four-unit courses that aim to introduce the history and language of the Coptic tradition, in line with the college’s vision of engaging with the Humanities. Courses include History of the Copts, Coptic Monasticism, Bohairic Coptic, Literature of the Copts, and a guided immersion trip taught by experts in the field. Successful participants are to complete 12 units (either a combination of three courses or two courses in addition to an immersion trip) to receive the certificate. History of the Copts will be offered in May 2018; Bohairic Coptic will be offered in September 2018. The immersion trip (exact dates TBA) will take place in December 2018.

May 2018

Course: History of the Copts (15 weeks starting May 7th, 2018)

Course Description: Copts constitute the largest religious minority of the Middle East today. This course examines the history and legacy of Christianity in Egypt before and after the Arab Conquest of 641 CE. This single event changed the religious and cultural landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. Christianity in Egypt survived to the present day and this study will focus not only its survival but on the ways Christianity in Egypt thrived.

Taught by: Mary Ghattas, Ph.D. (ABD), Assistant Professor of Church History and Coptic Studies

September 2018

Course: Bohairic Coptic (15 weeks)

Taught by: Hany Takla, M.A., Visiting Professor of Coptic Studies

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