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International Headquarters: 7406 Alban Station Court, Suite B-207, Springfield, VA 22150

Accounting Address: P. O. Box 6390, Monroe Township, NJ 08832


Phone: 1.866.GO.AGORA – 1.866.462.4672

Fax: 1.202.930.7909

Business Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (EST)

Important Contacts

Office of the President

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 201

Office of the Provost

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 202

Office of the Dean

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 203

Office of the Registrar

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 204

Office of Admissions

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 205

Office of Information Technology

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 206

AU Press

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 207

Office of Accounting

1-866-GO-AGORA Ext. 208

Office of Media & Marketing

Advisory and Executive Boards

Electronic mail is the best way to correspond with all instructors. Since most instructors are part-time, they do not necessarily check their messages every day. If an instructor does not respond to a message within two days, or it is an urgent matter, please email the Agora University office at, or phone us at 1-866-GO-AGORA.