Distance Education Disclosure

Agora University offers online distance education programs that allow students access to their course work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet. At Agora University, online courses are developed and primarily taught as any regular on-campus classes. The readings, assignments, and examinations mirror courses taught in an on-campus setting. These courses include structured and special instructional techniques to help you succeed as an online student. The course syllabus, outline, and schedule of assignments that students receive the first day of class are located in an online website devoted to the particular course. These items MUST be read initially, so that the online student understands the work load and requirements of the course. Students and instructors communicate initially before the beginning of the term, and then in online discussion forums where students communicate with each other about course work and respond to various topics posted by the instructor. Some courses include real-time instructional sessions where the students interact with their instructor and classmates at a scheduled time. Assignments are submitted electronically via email or the class website. Agora University’s courses are taught using an online course management system. This LMS (learning management system) is a user-friendly learning platform. The course management system has folders where instructors post course information, course materials and assignments for students to access with ease. At the conclusion of each course, students will complete an evaluation of the course, the instructor and the learning platform. This provides the necessary feedback to ensure that we maintain the quality that should be expected at the University.

Is distance education right for me?

distance learning is a great choice for many people, particularly those who are juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities as well. If you are interested in earning a degree or a certificate but commuting to a campus is not an option or if traditional campus classes do not fit into your busy schedule, then online learning may be right for you!

Succeeding as a distance learner:

A successful distance learner learns to:

  1. Be comfortable using technology, computers and navigating the Internet.
  2. Be self-disciplined and avoid procrastination.
  3. Invest a minimum of 3 hours each week on each course.
  4. Be very organized and manage time well.
  5. Enjoy working independently.
  6. Follow written instructions carefully.
  7. Actively participate, share ideas and ask questions in online discussions

Online courses offer a large degree of convenience and flexibility, but it is important to note that these courses require the same level of commitment and effort as attending a class on campus.

How do I access the course materials?

Prior to the beginning of the semester you will receive an email from the Office of Admissions with course access information. This information will include your username and password. The learning platform can be accessed from our website at http://www.aui.ac/.

Online course attendance:

Just as in face-to-face courses, attending your online course is important. Agora University expects all online students to participate in all instructional activities. Participation in an online course is defined differently than in a face-to face course. Student “attendance” in online courses will be defined as active participation in the course. Online courses will, at a minimum have weekly mechanisms for student participation, which can be documented by any or all of the following methods: student login through the learning platform course software, submission/completion of assignments, which would include discussion board, quizzes, etc., and communication with the instructor during assigned chat sessions and by phone, Skype or email.