Grading Policies

Grading Policies and Other Related Academic Policies


The work of all students at AU is reported in grade format. A final grade for each student registered in a course is assigned by instructors as required.

Graduate Courses

The following grades are used to report the quality of graduate student work at AU:

A         Superior Achievement

B         Satisfactorily demonstrated potentiality for professional achievement in field of study

C         Passed the course but without doing work indicative of potentiality for professional

achievement in field of study

F          Fail

P          Pass (achievement at grade C level or better)

I           Incomplete

IP         In Progress

The grades A, B, and C may be augmented by a plus (+) or minus (-) suffix. The grades A, B, and P signify satisfactory progress toward the degree. Students may apply a C grade toward graduate degrees unless otherwise prohibited by the program requirements. However, courses in which a grade of C is received must be offset by higher grades in the same term for students to remain in good academic standing. A grade of F yields no unit nor course credit.

Grade Points

Grade points per unit are assigned by the Registrar as follows:

Grade  Grade Points   Grade  Grade Points

A+       4.0                   C-        1.7

A         4.0                   D+       1.3

A-        3.7                   D         1.0

B+       3.3                   D-        .7

B         3.0                   F          0.0

B-        2.7                   NP       0.0

C+       2.3      

C         2.0                   

A plus (+) or minus (-) suffix added to a grade increases or decreases the grade-point value, except in the case of A+, which carries the same number of grade points as the A grade. Courses in which students receive a grade of P may count toward satisfaction of degree requirements, but these grades, as well as I and IP are disregarded in determining the grade-point average. (After the removal of an I grade and assignment of a letter grade, units and grade points are included in subsequent grade point averages.

Grade-Point Average

The grade-point average is determined by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of units attempted. The total grade points earned for a course equals the number of grade points assigned times the number of course units. For example, if a student takes three four-unit courses and receives grades of A-, B-, and C+, then the GPA for the term equals the total grade points (34.8) divided by the total course units (12). The GPA is 2.9. For satisfactory standing, students must maintain a C average (2.0 GPA).

Only grades earned at AU are calculated in the students GPA. Grades earned at another institution do not affect the GPA at AU.

Incomplete Grades

Once a grade of Incomplete (I) is assigned, it remains on the transcript along with the passing grade students may later receive for the course. The instructor may assign the grade I when work is of passing quality but is incomplete for a good cause (such as illness or other serious problem). It is the student’s responsibility to discuss with the instructor the possibility of receiving an Incomplete as opposed to lower mark impacted by the Incomplete (to include an F grade).

If a grade of (I) is assigned, students may receive unit credit and grade points by satisfactorily completing the coursework as specified by the instructor. Students should not re-enroll in the course; if they do, it is recorded twice on the transcript. If the work is not completed within one year’s time, the I lapses to an F.

In Progress Grades

For certain courses extending over more than one term, evaluation of student performance is deferred until the end of the final term of the course. Provisional grades of In Progress (IP) are assigned in the intervening term(s) and are replaced with the final grade when students complete the full sequence. The College or school faculty determines credit if students do not complete the full sequence and petition for partial credit.

Correction of Grades

All grades except I and IP are final when filed by the instructor in the end-of-term course report. After grades have been submitted, a grade change may be made only in case of a clerical or procedural error or other unusual circumstances. No grade may be revised by re-examination or, with the exception of grades of I and IP, by completing additional work. Students who are dissatisfied with a grade should review their work with the instructor and receive an explanation of the grade assigned. All grade changes are recorded on the transcript.