College of History, Philosophy and Divinity

Established in 2015, Holy Transfiguration College (HTC) of History, Philosophy and Divinity is Agora University’s first college. HTC aims to be the nucleus of Agora University’s vision to be a pioneering institute dedicated to the humanities from an Eastern Christian perspective. HTC if focused on developing interdisciplinary venues between the Eastern Christian tradition and the humanities. HTC is committed to providing high quality Orthodox Christian foundations while also maintaining a vigorous tradition of high-quality research on subjects pertaining to the intersection between theology and the humanities.

Our world-class faculty come from renowned institutions worldwide including University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews, University of Aberdeen, UCLA, King’s College London, University of Vienna and Claremont Graduate University.

Our diverse student body comes from all over the world including USA, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, and Iraq with various professional experience ranging from engineering, medicine, social work to physics and ministry.