Publish With Us

Interested in publishing your monograph with us?

Thank you for your interest in Agora University Press. We welcome book proposals.

If you are interested in publishing with us, please follow these guidelines:

  • One recommendation letter from an academic advisor or a scholar well acquainted with your work (for first time authors)
  • CV/ Academic resume
  • Book proposal (see below)
  • Names of two academic reviewers (for dissertations only)

Your book proposal should address the following three areas in as much detail (and as realistically) as possible: project description, detailed synopsis, and target market. The first area should include a working title and subtitle, a summary of the work’s argument and main themes, a compelling abstract, and date of completion. The detailed synopsis must include the work’s table of contents, chapter summaries, and a working bibliography. The synopsis should indicate the basic structures of the argument and how it is furthered throughout the work. The third section of the book proposal should answer questions of intended audience, the academic need for a published book on the topic and how it fits in the larger academic conversation. Tell us how the proposed work is distinctive from other participants already in the conversation and the works upon which it builds. In addition, indicate how the work fits in with other Agora University Press publications.

Please email your submission, with the above files attached, to the following address: In your email subject line, please use: Book Proposal. Please allow four to six weeks for a response from us.