Technology Requirements

This policy was established to aid in the planning of computer purchase(s) throughout the completion of Agora University programs.

The University strongly recommends that students entering any Agora University programs have a mid-range consumer-grade laptop. Students should consider using a laptop that is already owned or another existing computer if possible. If you do not have access to a laptop already and must purchase a new one we have some recommendations below. Again, please note that if you already have a laptop it does not need to meet the specifications below. These specifications are only for people who don’t already have access to a laptop and must purchase a new one. Some courses in the university may require a more robust system, so be sure to verify any class/software requirements before making a purchase. The College will update these specifications on an annual or biannual basis to match advances in software and hardware requirements.

Example minimum hardware specs:
Intel® Core™ i5 – 3rd (Ivy Bridge) or 4th (Haswell) (4 cores recommended)
4GB Memory
256GB Hard Drive
15.6″ HD Widescreen LED Display
Wireless Network Adapter

Software Requirements:
Operating System of Choice (ie. Windows or Mac)
Word Processor of Choice (ex. Microsoft Word)